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Barolo DOCG
del Comune di La Morra

On sale now: the 2016 vintage

This Barolo is made of grapes from three different vineyards located in La Morra. Garnet red in colour, it takes a concentration of flavours with spicy notes of cinnamon and chocolate, rose and red berries, blackberries and blueberries. Dry and warm, smooth and powerful in the mouth, it develops in a balmy finish.


"I live in this magnificent region, the Langhe, and that’s a great gift, given to me by the past generations".




Back in the early Nineties, Osvaldo Viberti decided to take on the farm which was an heritage from his grandparents Assunta and Tistin. A decision taken after seeing again an old picture in which three generations were spot working together in the family's cellar, in Serra dei Turchi.

"I have learn a lot from my grandparents, through their actions and words
season after season all the efforts, love and devotion, required in being a good farmer.

Osvaldo's philosophy

The advices of the oenologist Sergio Molino

The winemaker Sergio Molino supports Osvaldo with his valuable advices. They both know well how many factors are involved in the process of producing excellent wines. Climate, ground composition, location of the vineyards, all the care to be taken until a perfect ripeness of the grapes, a lot of care and selection of the best grapes, the cellar-works. And last, but not least, a passion about quality wines