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The vineyards

About ten hectars of vineyards are part of the farm, mainly cultivated with Nebbiolo vines (about 4.3), Barbera vines (about 3), Langhe Nebbiolo vines (about 0.7), Dolcetto vines (about 1) and Nascetta vines (about 1).

The winemaker Sergio Molino supports Osvaldo with his valuable advices. They both know well how many factors are involved in the process of producing excellent wines. Climate, ground composition, location of the vineyards, all the care to be taken until a perfect ripeness of the grapes, a lot of care and selection of the best grapes, the cellar-works. And last, but not least, a passion about quality wines

Terroir | Vigneti | Vineyards

Terroir | Vigneti | Vineyards

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