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The historic cellar

Here we are in the cellar reserved for elevage. This is the most important place–where the wines mature, resting for the necessary length of time, which is very important for the elevage. We have several different types of containers, of different sizes–from casks to tonneaux, some barriques; this is because some types of wine, for example Barolo, need large casks for its cycle and to reach the right moment to be bottled. Barbera on the other hand, has a shorter cycle- about a year–normally in tonneaux and barriques. We put the Dolcetto d’Alba in steel tanks along with the Nascetta..

The new cellar

This is a new space, a new cellar that we built in 2012 and this is really a perfect space–we are underground on three sides. Here we have our steel tanks, all temperature-controlled and where we transform the grapes into wine.

Cantina | Cellar

Cantina | Cellar


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